Dreams, Aspirations and Goals by The Resilient Mum.

The 10 Year Plan & The Monthly Goals Planner (Includes Vision Board Planner) For Empowered Women

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The Ten-Year-Plan and The Monthly Goals Planner is one of my favourite products from my range. It is basically 3 planners combined into one making it that extra bit special and this one also features a vision board planner!

The Monthly Goals Planner

The Monthly Goals Planner was created to encourage you to write down your personal goals and reflect on them on a monthly basis.

The Monthly Goals Planner features 12 sections for 12 months and it can be started whenever you like because the planner is undated. At the beginning of each month you will write down any positive affirmations and quotes to keep you inspired for that month. There is enough space to record your goals each month and the due date you desire to achieve the goals by. You will be able to write down whether you achieved the goal or not in the desired time. In the circumstance that you did not achieve the goal, you can simply write the new due date in the achieved box to carry the goal forward - there is no pressure to achieve the goal now - take your time, small steps are better than none!

At the end of each month you will be invited to reflect on your month and how it went. The writing prompts/questions include:

  1. Two amazing things that happened to you that month.
  2. What challenged you.
  3. What inspired you.
  4. What you have learnt and what new things you were able to try.
  5. What you would like to try next month.
You will also be prompted to celebrate your achievements and reflect on everything you have achieved at the end of each month. There is also enough space to count your blessings and record what you are grateful for.


The Vision Board Planner

The Vision board planner enables you to create a little vision board for each month. Vision boards are excellent visual reminders and I personally love to create them (by myself, with my daughter and at Dreams, Goals, Aspirations Vision Board Parties.)

A vision board is a board with a collection of images, quotes, words and affirmations. The idea behind the vision board is for it to be used as a way to record and highlight your dreams, goals and aspirations.

Your vision board will serve as a source of inspiration to you and will encourage you daily to chase your dreams, achieve your goals and follow your aspirations. 


The Ten-Year-Plan

The Ten-Year-Plan was created to inspire you to think about where you are now and where you would like to be in the future. It will encourage you to write down your dreams, goals and aspirations as you begin to make your plans a reality.

The Ten-Year Plan features 3 main sections:

  1. The 2 Year Plan
  2. The 5 Year Plan
  3. The 10 Year Plan

For each section there are 5-6 smaller categories; You, Family, Career, Finances, Social And Other. You can use the heading prompts to plan and create your very own 10 year plan.

Your Dreams, Goals And Aspirations are waiting for you, so go and make them happen!




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