The MAMA Journal (Paperback) - 10 Year Plan & The Monthly

The MAMA Journal (Paperback)

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The MAMA Journal was created to encourage you on your Motherhood journey.  You will be prompted to focus on the positives in your life as you celebrate your parenting wins and your achievements. You will also reflect on your struggles and how you overcome them.

The MAMA Journal

The MAMA Journal

The MAMA Journal features 12 undated sections for 12 months and it can be started whenever you like. The journal will prompt you to write down any positive thoughts, family activities, reminders, etc you would like to do that month, the acts of self-care and self-love you will engage in, family plans and your personal plans for yourself.

At the end of each month you will be invited to reflect on your month and how it went. You will look at the highlights of your month, your achievements, what you are grateful for, your favourite moments with your children and your proud mama moments.

Some other areas you will look at are:

  1. What you will spend less/more time engaging in.
  2. How you plan to make yourself feel proud.
  3. Any affirmations/positive reminders for yourself and your child(ren).
  4. Places you would like to visit.
  5. Any qualities/skills/habits you would like to enhance.
A nice little touch is that you will also write a personal note to yourself and one to your children - this can include whatever you like. It's yours, so make it as long or as short as you please!



The MAMA Journal




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