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The Resilient Mum writing.


Inspired by my daughter and God, The Resilient Mum was founded in 2015 by me, Roxanne-Sasha. I created The Resilient Mum with the sole intention of Inspiring Independent Mothers Worldwide. I am an advocate for all Mothers and Women, however I set out to change the way in which the Independent Mother was perceived; I wanted them to know that they are destined for greatness and that they have all the power they already require within them. I wholeheartedly believe that all Independent Mothers are powerhouses and together we will continue to breakdown barriers and create change. To read more of my posts regarding Independent Motherhood, please head to:



In 2015 I wrote my first self-titled book, "The Resilient Mum" depicted my story about Independent Motherhood. In 2017, I started to design and create various products to help the Independent Mother on her journey. I later launched my Affirmation Cards, The 10 Year Plan and The Self-Reflection Workbook. My range has since expanded and every single product has been tried and tested by myself and my daughter initially to ensure that they have the desired result. My daughter is very fond of her Affirmation Cards, as am I. I am a big planner, I love to plan everything, so my other favourite product from my range would be The 10 Year Plan and The Monthly Goals Planner. In 2018 I established, "The Independent Mum Magazine," because I knew that Independent Mothers both near and far have stories to tell, I gave them a platform to share their innermost thoughts and feelings.



Gradually, I expanded my range and although my products were originally created for the Independent Mother I saw that they were needed with different audiences also. When showcasing at events, I often had customers asking, "do you do these for women?" or saying, "I would love this if you did it for my son!" Due to popular demand I went back home and redesigned all of my products to cater to all Mothers, Children, Teenagers and Women. I am proud to see the positive effect that they are having on various customers. The idea behind all of my products is to enable the individual to believe in themselves and to think bigger. We all have a purpose in life and I know that part of my purpose is to help others, by creating The Resilient Mum I have been blessed to see how my gift and purpose has changed many lives. For that alone, I am eternally grateful.



The Resilient Mum Store features an array of empowering resources and tools for your personal growth and development all designed with love by me. You were created with a special purpose and you are destined for greatness. My products were designed to not only help you to realise your full potential, but also to unlock the powerhouse that lives inside of you! After using my products, I believe that you will begin to realise just how amazing you are and that you will continue to aim for the very best in your life. 

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha | The Resilient Mum. x