Affirmations for Mini Queens | The Resilient Mum
Affirmations for Mini Queens | The Resilient Mum
Affirmations for Mini Queens | The Resilient Mum
Affirmations for Mini Queens | The Resilient Mum

Affirmation Cards Pack | Diverse Mini Queens

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These affirmation cards were created with your Mini Queens in mind!

I strongly believe that our words are so powerful that they have the ability to change our thoughts and any situation you encounter.

These cards were originally created for my daughter because we have been doing affirmations together since birth. My daughter exudes confidence and I will not say it is just down to using the cards, but it is a combination of the cards and positive messages and statements from God and I. We focus on all the great things that my daughter is, and I build her up by speaking life into her because that is my job as her Mother. 

There are 2 options:

1. Affirmation cards for black Mini Queens because representation is important and it matters.

2. Affirmation cards for all Mini Queens featuring images of little girls from various backgrounds and ethnicities.

By using these cards daily, they will challenge: the way your Mini Queen thinks as you and the cards support them in believing that they are more than enough, because they truly are. In a world where children are often surrounded by so many different situations and people, it is important for them to know that they are overcomers, that they are strong and that they are unique. They are not inadequate; they were perfectly crafted by a perfect God. They do not need to strive to be like anyone else because they are special too. 

These cards will help to create better thought patterns within your Mini Queen as they change their perception of themselves and the way in which they view problematic circumstances by focusing on the positive rather than the negative. With your help and guidance, they will begin to view themselves in a positive light, eliminating the doubts, fears and negative self-talk that even we as adults may encounter from time to time. 


Putting such great habits into practice now will help them once they are adults because you would have instilled so much confidence and greatness in them from a very young age. They will go out into the world confidently knowing that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to achieve and they will also learn that it is okay to make mistakes and to not always be the best at everything. Rather than putting themselves down, they will know that they tried their best and their best will always be good enough.

Another important point to add is that your Mini Queen will learn to count their blessings rather than their problems, this is a very important thing to do together. Gratitude is the best attitude to possess!

The little people are the next generation, they are strong and they are more than capable! I want them to believe in themselves and know that with God on their side, they have the power to overcome anything.




  • 26 Affirmation Cards - Mini Queens (4-11).
  • Presented in a black A6 box.
  • Printed on card with coloured writing and one image per card.
  • Language: English.
  • Printed on 300 GSM paper.
  • Product Dimensions: A6.
  • All products designed by The Resilient Mum are subject to copyright.


Affirmations for Mini Queens | The Resilient Mum
Affirmations for Mini Queens | The Resilient Mum