Exploring Women Of The Bible Journal.

Exploring Women Of The Bible Journal.

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Exploring The Women Of The Bible will help you on your journey as you get to know more about the women of the bible. You will discover that these amazing women were very similar to you and I. There is space to write about 50 women found in the bible. Use this journal to record your discoveries as you explore their lives, characters and how God used them for His glory.

Exploring Women Of The Bible

Exploring Women Of The Bible enables you to do your very own bible studies on up to 50 women found in the bible. You are free to choose whomever you would like to study about in your journal.

Each section includes various parts for you to fill in:l0

  1. Name of the woman.
  2. Key Scriptures.
  3. Write about her background story.
  4. Her character traits.
  5. Interesting facts.
  6. What was she used for?
  7. What can you learn from her?
Using this journal will help you to extend on your current knowledge of the women in the bible. It will also help you as you learn more about the bible to develop a deeper relationship with God. There are many poignant things we can learn from the Bible. 




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