My Bible Reading Plan by The Resilient Mum.

My Bible Reading Plan

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My Bible Reading Plan is a 31 day bible reading plan encouraging you to focus on the word, meditate on the scriptures and gain a deeper insight into the word. Reading the word provides nourishment to your soul and helps you to get closer to God. When you know and study the word for yourself you will be equipped with all you need to win this race.

There is a section for you to record your personal notes and a section for you to write down your prayers. As this is a digital resource you can print however many pages you need for the personal notes and prayer section.

Some tips for reading and studying the word:
1. Pace yourself, it is not a race - read and study the word in any way that you can.
2. Put away all distractions and have quiet time with just you, God and His word.
3. Use a notebook to journal and write down what you have learnt from each scripture you read. I find doing topic studies useful because it leads me to other scriptures in the bible.
4. Get a study bible if you do not have one already, they are really great!
5. I also recommend using bible commentaries or other bible resources to aid you as you study the word.
6. Make it fun by forming your own study group, this could include family and/or friends! It helps to keep you accountable too.
7. Always pray before you begin studying the word and ask God to give you wisdom and understanding.

I hope that this resource will serve you in the best way possible, enjoy!

With Love,

Roxanne-Sasha | The Resilient Mum. x