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My Bible Study Journal

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My Bible Study Journal was created to help you to develop a greater relationship with our Father in heaven by studying His word. It is important as daughters of the Most High for us to understand and familiarise ourselves with His Word. Doing this will allow us to know when and how to apply the true and living word to our lives. Studying and knowing the bible will never go out of style!


My Bible Study Journal

My Bible Study journal is separated into 31 sections enabling you to journal for 31 days. The journal is not dated so you can start journalling whenever you please.

Each section includes various parts for you to fill in: 

  1. Scriptures.
  2. Books | Resources .
  3. What Have You Learnt?
  4. Notes.
Using My Bible Study Journal will help you to reflect on your studies and the word of God. It will always encourage you along your journey with God by showing you where you once were and where you are today.




  • Paperback: 163 Pages.
  • Spiral Bound with a clear outside cover at the front and the back of the planner.
  • Language: English.
  • Printed on 120 GSM paper.
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 15cm.
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