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The Independent Mum Magazine - Issue 06 - Digital

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The Independent Mum Magazine - Issue 06 - Digital
What is the Independent Mum?
The Independent Mum Magazine is a mini magazine created by an Independent Mother for Independent Mothers both near and far. I created this magazine solely for the Independent Mother because I wanted her to know just how amazing she is. I did not want her to feel disappointed every time she read another article that she could not relate to because she was an Independent Mother. I did not want her to feel that she did not fit in anymore. I did not want her to feel as if she was forgotten about and that nobody cared about her.
I wanted her to feel special, because she is. I wanted her to remember how powerful she is. I wanted her to know that she does belong, she does fit in and she has a very unique place in society. I wanted her to know that she is just as much of a Mother as any other woman and I wanted her to know that I believe in her.
What can I expect to see in The Independent Mum?
Each issue is filled with beautiful Independent Mothers from all around the world telling their stories and sharing their views on Motherhood, life and a variety of important topics. We explore self-love and self-care with a different Mother each issue explaining her perspective on self-love and self-care and what she does to look after her well-being. The magazine also has dedicated pages to other Mothers' beauty tips, fashion favourites, haircare and career. The Independent Mum also features inspiring thoughts on the bible and biblical issues together with modern, but beneficial advice on situations we may encounter.
What is in this issue?
In the sixth issue of The Independent Mum Magazine; we meet Shannon, the face behind her soon to be released blog; Sincerely Shan. She details her Independent Mother story and how she had to make a very important decision for both her and her son.
This issue focuses on Christmas, The New Year (2020), Galentine's Day and also features valuable hints, tips and tricks as always. When we think of the New year, we think of new goals and new habits, but do we really have to wait until the New Year to make these changes?! We look further into this and one Independent Mother explains why she does not believe in New Year Resolutions.
Like every issue we discuss self-care, self-love, haircare, fashion and beauty. It also features so many beautiful Independent Mothers and their perspectives on all things pertaining to Independent Mother and other topics.
I would like to be in the next issue of The Independent Mum, what do I do?
To be featured in the next issue of The Independent Mum, kindly send your enquiry to and I will get back to you.
How can I get a copy of The Independent Mum magazine?
You can simply purchase the magazines online and choose from either the digital or print format. Please kindly note that if you do order The Independent Mum magazine in the print form there is a postage fee.



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