The Social Media Planner by Roxanne-Sasha Jennings, Amateurs De Papiers.

The Social Media Planner

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The Social Media Planner is a great tool for content creators, bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers and other socialites! It helps you to plan your content in a simple, but detailed format.

The Social Media Planner

Plan your content over 1 year and break it down into months and weeks to form a solid strategy enabling you to be organised and stay on top of your platforms.

Use the monthly visual content section to plan your visual content; images, videos, etc.

Write down ideas for your blog and video content.

Begin to build your very own email list and provide valuable informative content for your email subscribers.

Record your weekly content by planning your reels, captions, posts, call to action and even your hashtags!

Weekly evaluations help you to discover your highest performing content and your lowest performing content.

At the end of each month evaluate what worked and what did not.

This planner is undated and can be used whenever you decide to start it.

Happy planning! 




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